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TCNJ’s Responsible Printing FAQ

The goal of this blog is to provide College MFP users with the information and training they need to print more responsibly. The knowledge of these additional  features and/or functions will allow for cost savings as well as  increased confidentiality and higher productivity.

Please feel free to post any feedback in comments section.

Ways to Print Responsibly

1 – Default your printing to 2-sided Black and White, and choose to print color only as needed.

Click here to find out how…

2 – Change the margin. If you have a document that almost fits on a page, why not change the margin – a little off the top, bottom and sides can save paper. In Microsoft Office, this setting is on the Page Layout tab.

3 – Use print preview and only print the pages you need or use the printer friendly versions of websites.

4 – Save toner – while you’re reviewing your printing preferences, check out the toner saver option on the quality tab of the Canon printers, or default to grayscale if you have a color printer but don’t need the document in color most of the time. Both of these will save toner.

5 – Save paper. Print on both sides of the paper. All of the Canon MFP’s on campus have the capability of printing “duplex” or double-sided. To set this as your default on a PC, go to start, printers and faxes, right click on the Canon network printer and go to Properties. On the general tab, select printing preferences. Select “finishing” and change the print style to 2-sided printing. These directions may vary from printer to printer, but most printers have a “finishing” tab and that’s where you can change the default settings so you don’t even have to think about it. If you do want to print a single sided document now and then, change this setting back on a case by case basis.

6 – Print responsibly. Thanks to all of you that brought the article “Here’s a legal way to print money: change the font” to our attention.

There are two schools of thought provided in this article. By changing the font to Century Gothic the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay projects that they will save between $5,000 and $10,000 in ink costs annually. The two most economical fonts to save ink are Century Gothic and Times New Roman. However, Century Gothic is a wider font that may in the end use more paper, so at this time, our best advice is to think before you print no matter what font you use.

Canon MFP Models

  • IRA C5035
  • IRA C5045
  • IRA C5051
  • IRA C7055
  • IRA C7065
  • IR 2525
  • IR 3225
  • IR 3235i
  • IR 3245i
  • IR C3480
  • IR 5050N
  • IR 5075
  • IR 7086

Using the MFP to add PDF’s to SOCS

One of the best features of the MFP’s is their native ability to scan and email documents directly in PDF file format.  The versatility of having your hardcopy documents in digital format is invaluable. Once the documents are scanned they can be emailed to a variety of sources. For example, they can be emailed to colleagues, students, and even uploaded to SOCS.

To learn how to scan documents into PDF format please use one of the following tutorials below based on your MFP Model.

After you have completed scanning your hardcopy documents, and saving them to your computer they can now be uploaded to SOCS by following these steps.

  1. Login to SOCS
  2. Choose the Course section you would like to add the PDF file to.
  3. Choose “Resources” from the navigation menu on the left.
  4. Choose a current profile you have already setup or create a new one by choosing “Manage Profiles”.
  5. Under the heading “New Resource” choose “Upload new file”.
  6. Now just fill in the information boxes, and navigate to the PDF you would like to upload. (Caption, Description, etc.)
  7. Then click “Add”.

That’s all there is to it! Now you don’t have make multiple copies of multiple pages, each and every student can receive a digital copy!

Secure Printing

Setting Secure Printing as a default: IR Advance Models (IRA C5035, IRA C5045, IRA C5051, IRA C7055, IRA C7065) Non-Advanced Models (IR 2525, IR 3225, IR 3235i, IR 3245i, IR 5050N, IR 5075, IR 7086) Printing using secure print: Non-Advanced Models (IR 2525, IR 3225, IR 3235i, IR 3245i, IR 5050N, IR 5075, IR 7086)… Continue Reading

Top 10 Ways to Save Paper

1. Save documents to a USB flash drive or save it to a network drive. 2. E-mail the document to yourself to open on your own computer. 3. Read documents directly on the screen. 4. Print Preview web pages and other documents and print the pages you need. 5. Write information such as library call… Continue Reading